Monday, September 14, 2009


one of my most favorite things to do is to go to flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores and antique malls. I love finding unique pieces for the house {and some clothes/jewelry}. i always feel like i can find some cool things here and there but i often have trouble seeing the big picture. i tend to find some shabby, some mid-century, some antique and some random and although i appreciate a good eclectic look sometimes i get a bit carried away. so as often as i read design blogs and magazines immersing myself learning all that i can i have developed a habit of "stalking" one particular person. i mean when you can see the real life thing at work why not? now i say stalking b/c when they are in your familia can you call it that?

her name is beth and she writes about all things super interesting here...

{again i have no idea how to link these things, help please!}

i love to look at her blog and hang out with her! to see all the things she thinks of and does. she has so much creativity its beyond me. {not too mention she is also quite the gourmet chef...note that i did not say cook...nononono that word doesn't do justice to her talent} i try not to drool when she talks about her latest idea or adventure in her decorating. her and my brother in law just recently purchased a beautiful house and its all i can to not stop by weekly and see what she has done. if you don't believe me please admire some of this... i must clarify these are of their old place so the pictures are a little dated...

these are some chairs she recovered. never in my life would i have thought to put those three very different patterns. but that is beth for you and look how great they look!!!!!! one of my for sure favs!

now here is the other thing she does is pay close attention to detail {another thing i fall short on} if could see better into her dining area she had these great shutters on the wall next to books she nailed to the wall.

look what she has created above the couch! how great is that!?!? the texture and the orange...yes please! {also please look carefully and you will see a sweet little black and white head sticking her head out of the blankets...this is one of sophie's fav cousins! Lu is the smartest dog i have ever met. and sophie loves to play with her, but sophie is not nearly as quick or as agile as it usually gets a little crazy with sophie clumsiness}

and how about these? they just look fabulous. i am pretty sure had i walked by these windows ever i would not have had this vision. her talent continues as well with her sewing capabilities, her style and her smarts. she is just a plethora of expertise. did i mention she was my sister in law?????
ahh yes, be jealous all of you

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