Thursday, July 16, 2009


clay and i are quickly approaching our year anniversary. this year has been a sweet and blessed year. but it has also been one full of twists and turns that i wouldn't couldn't have predicted. sitting here now typing and reflecting on these things i wouldn't change a moment of it.

i have to confess that i wish i could say i spent this last year thanking Him for such an amazing husband, for all the blessings that we have been given through Him, family, church, friendship, our dog. {which if you spend anytime with us you will hear of how much we love her} but i didn't. i. was. wanting. more.

wanting of the things of the future, the things we could do when we were out of debt, more dogs, a new place to live, new furniture, THE job, no job, a new church, you name it.

all that the Lord has given us i have spent no time seeing it.

tonight i have had a revelation.....


i hope and pray to share more of it.

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