Tuesday, June 23, 2009


some have heard me talk about my bible study leader in high school. her name is ginny mooney. she is one of the most wise, loving, godly and encouraging woman i know. she is someone i would love to have pour wisdom into me. despite the distance i feel, thanks to the Internet and technology... its through that avenue that i feel like she is having coffee with me sharing her heart everyday...

she and her husband have shared their sweet story with anyone who is interested.....of their incredible son and their journey with him. their story was so riveting Oprah, yes, Oprah had ginny and her husband matt come on her show where they showed this clip....

it will leave you in tears. i have watched so many times and i can't make it without sobbing. if you watch the episode Celine Dion and Oprah almost can't control themselves as they watch it.

all of this to say this show was re-aired last week and the today show got wind of it. Ginny and Matt will share their story with the nation again, tomorrow at 8 on the today show. they will also have their sweet little girl hazel in tow :)

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