Saturday, July 25, 2009

july 26

here was our destination....we both have been in granbury many a times...but this time is was less about work, family, what have you and about celebrating a year of marriage. this little slice of heaven was perfect for us and our one night stay. the service was amazing and the place had a great view of lake granbury.

with our anniversary and my birthday two weeks apart, clay spoiled me with getting me a camera. he is discreet and patient unlike his other half and totally surprised me with it. so after a year of marriage i am able to have some pictures of us :)

getting to get away from the everyday was just the perfect plan. it was nice going to a familiar place with no expectations. i love when clay and i get to share time like this, its so easy to go through life together, but i find when we spend a little more time we fall in love more...sorry a bit cheesy, but true.

he brought me here for dinner. just about the neatest place. it used to be an art gallery and now its small town meets modern. food was great, and we were hungry.

hummus, chicken enchiladas, shrimp and lobster later makes for a very full and satisfied pair.

breakfast was incredible! we even got the opportunity to speak with some really neat people. for sure on the younger end of the spectrum, but i love getting wisdom from others about marriage and life...our tendency is to hide from speaking with people we don't know {esp over a meal} but every time we do we are so thankful that we did. hopefully we will learn...

my favorite little place in granbury. its just off the square and has some of the best antiques...was gonna walk right off with those chairs when clay so gently reminded me that in our one bedroom apt we have no place for them.... darling though aren't they? this place is full of little treasures...

like this shelf, yes they are children's books, and no not planning a nursery....but my excuse is that i work with kids and charming children's' things always warms my heart.

we later drove to glen rose. home of nothing much except for my dad's old stomping grounds of the txu plant. and this little beer garden place. not sure if you can see all the great lawn and patio furniture out there but is wonderful. it wasn't really opened. i wanted to pick it up and move it to fort worth were it can be appreciated at all times of the day

then our last stop was is the craziest in the middle of no where, {tolar to be exact, where you ask is that....good question i say....i didn't drive you'll have to ask clay} but it was so worth the frustrating drive to find it. oh man may have been the best cheese burger i have ever had. I'm not a crazy burger fan, but there i had to be. it melted in my mouth, as well as some of the greatest rolls ever...
granbury, thank you for winning my heart over again.

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