Friday, February 18, 2011

my love

does it get any more precious than this boy impressed with this catch but not interested in getting too close to touch it?

ugh this boy has stolen my heart...only i didn't know him then. i met him when i was 14. we went to different high schools. but we had some mutual friends, and i had heard of his name before. my friend actually liked him at the time. she used to call me after school to tell me about the times that she talked to him and how cute he was.

then as many 14 year old relationships do it fizzled. then i was a sophomore and saw him at a party. he was so cute. i had to get a picture with this boy. i sucked up the courage to ask him to get a picture with me. he was sweet and humored me, luckily knew who i was and agreed for the picture.

that night i went to my friends house loving that i had gotten to hang out with him and that he knew who i was! we continued on with our very separate lives until that fall, he still hadn't really left my thoughts...and for some reason i decided that enough was enough i was determined to date this boy. now don't get me wrong as though i was this aggressive teenage girl. quite the opposite. my parents were very adamant in raising me and my sisters to be lady, never calling boys and the boys responsibility in regards to girls.

then he came to one my high school football games, with a mutual friend. i. died. i could not believe it. we talked. even flirted. he invited me to church. i told him to call me and i would come. he said he didn't have me number. i told him it was cause he didn't ask for it. it was only the beginning....

and slowly as the Lord held us in His hand growing us in Him, challenging us in different, hard, unique ways we somehow still ended up together. that was almost 11 years ago...

here we are. the man of my dreams. my soul mate. the man who is not perfect but is perfectly made for me.

i love him so dearly

and now he has become a father. and what an amazing father he is to our little girl.
i know that this maybe late but he is my valentine, my hubby, my love.


  1. You all have such a beautiful love story!!! God is good!

  2. So sweet. I hope he teaches little Hazel to fish ;)

  3. And the picture of you in the white top and him in the cowboy hat may be my favorite picture ever!!!

  4. just found your blog. read your story about your husband. saw a picture of your beautiful baby. what an amazing sister in christ and praise god for blogger for connecting his children for his glory. praying for your husband and your entire family.


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