Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 month

on feb 14, my baby girl will be 1 month old. i read a quote on a friends blog that continues to resonate with me"the days are long, but the years are short" and although we have not experienced a year...a month sure flown by!

my sister {who is so talented} and i had a little photo shoot with hazel yesterday. we sorta went a little crazy but here are some fabulous ones...

look at that smile! she has grown so much. i am doing my best to take pictures and write things down that she is doing, she is changing everyday. i saw somewhere in the blog world about writing a sentence everyday about her on a calendar, i'm not good at being consistent like that but i may give that whirl. even if i remember to do it here and there i know i cherish to look back on it. i'll let you know how that goes ;)


  1. LOVE that crib shot! Great idea.

    Happy V day! Glad you're enjoying your sweet little Valentine.

  2. Sleeping for you only gets better after 1 month.. well Everything gets better at about one month. Not sure if you are breast feeding... but if so @ 1 month is when everything quit hurting for me.... she is so pretty!!! I know you are having so much fun!!!


lovelovelove to hear from you! xoxoxo