Saturday, January 1, 2011

look back at 2010

its pretty incredible to think of all the fun/crazy/exciting/life changing things that have happened in this last year...

in january...

had a grand ol time at the jewel charity ball with the hubs and some besties. together we have so much fun :)

in february....

got super geared up for our beloved olympics! even got some pretty neat gear to represent.

in may...
{mucho mucho occured}

we celebrated our mothers together as one big family...which was one of my fav dinners we had
all together

i got an incredible job offer and switched companies to be a bilingual speech therapist. it has been the best decision, career wise, i had ever made and it all happened so fast. i love my job and feel ever so fortunate to be working for such a great company.
then, as clay was studying for his finals, i decided to clear my thoughts and go ahead and get a pregnancy test. i was by myself for all of 15 min before he came home...pacing, shocked, and freaking out. we have always wanted kids, but our timing was a little different. now, we wouldn't change this in anyway.
we also went to fredricksburg with the wooten clan, were we enjoyed some good rest and relaxation.

in july....
we celebrated 2 amazing years of marriage in my most favorite place in all the world. puerto rico. after 10 years of being together, he finally got to see what i had been talking about for forever.

in august...
we moved from our precious one bedroom apt, where we had so many fond memories, to make some room for baby. we moved to our cozy little home.

we also enjoyed some more family time finding out that our baby, was going to be a girl! not even a little bit of an idea of what her name was going to be....we were thrilled!

in september...

chi-town. another fav city of mine :) we got to see many sites, shopped till we dropped, watch a cubs game and eat some fantastic food all in great company.

in november....

we were blessed with showers and love in preparation for our sweet hazel kathleen.
in december...
my patient, loving, wise husband got not one but 2 job offers. in a matter of days he will be quitting his security job that he has had for the last couple of years as he was in school and be the interim youth pastor at our church. then in june he will become an apprentice with a church plant here in the area where he can go to school full time and work full time. finally getting to do what he has been called to do his whole life.

wow....2011, i think you are going to be another fantastic year :)


  1. What a year! Here's to the next. Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations to you and your family on what seems to have been a huge 2010! Many blessings for you all in 2011.


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