Sunday, September 26, 2010

she's engaged

when we were wee ones, i used to have two pacifiers with me at all times. one for me, and one in case she cried. later i used to threaten to rip off her bear, spotty, arms off. as we grew up we fought, we hit, we yelled, we talked, we cried, we shared our hearts, and we came to know of His love around the same time. she came to baylor where we learned even more about our sin and His saving grace. we would share in moments often that only a sister can understand. when my world was falling apart she was there to walk through it with me....

and now she is getting married.


he is her soulmate.

and i could not be more happy for her.

congrats veronica and jim! what a joyous time this is.

i love you both dearly :)


  1. you just made me cry. there is nothing more special than the bond between sisters. yall are precious and im so excited for both of you girls. such an exciting time!

  2. That's so sweet. Congrats to your sister! I hope you share that pacifier story in your speech!

  3. Everything about this post made me wish I had a sister! Beautiful!


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