Monday, September 13, 2010


we had the whole fam over to find out the gender of our baby. i had intended it to be just a surprise factor for me (totally selfishly) but as it turns out it was a really special moment to get to share it with everyone :)

the cake says baby wooten. funny aside... i know i'm not the only one who has thought of this...the lady who did the sonogram was totally familiar with what we were doing. despite this when i tried to explain to the bakery what we were trying to do and that i didn't want to know what the cake was--you would have thought i was speaking a different language. i was just thankful we had the doctor write on two envelopes in case they got it wrong...

so in conclusion...

we are still a little up in the air about girl names...i am about 90 % set on one...just can't commit yet
my sister is a graphic designer and just started a blog. she played with a few of the names we are thinking about that you can check out here
--still don't have Internet at home...this is almost month number 2...hopefully at&t will get their act together quickly...


  1. Congratulations! Oh I always wanted a girl. What a fun way to reveal for everyone.

  2. I personally like Gwendolyn, my wife's first name.


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