Thursday, October 29, 2009


yes this is an owl on a pendant. i enjoy owls mucho and it has nothing to do with my sorority affiliation, as some may think, clay. (well sort of ;) ) this is one of the many things i have my eye on at modcloth. modcloth is an indie online boutique that sells vintage and one of a kind clothing. they have fantastic taste and incredible clothes/shoes/accessories...

they also have great one of a kind names for their clothing...such as "bonnie lass skirt"

cupcake frosting skirt

this dress is awesome

"the careerist dress"

"lily bart blouse"

one of my favorites....."where the red fern bows"

yes yes yes.... the other bow-lyn girl

and then they have boots..............

did i mention they are having a huge sale right now? um, yes you need to hit that up!

p.s. they have much more than bows and the color red to check out...despite the evidence that my eyes were most attracted to

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