Friday, October 23, 2009

mad men

i have watched several of these episodes. can't say that the plot or the characters have hooked me yet. i'm not sure what's wrong with me but apparently i am the only one who is not completely sold on it. however, the set and the costumes are, now that is something i can't get enough of!

i mean look at these ladies...not on set but totally dressed up as their characters. the dresses the shoes all of it is great

fancy fancy fancy

i want to wear red lipstick, and have a perfect curl in my hair as such

maybe i will work in an office at some point. if i do i hope to wear each one of these outfits...

there is nothing that makes me want to go to the 60's except their clothes. {potentially their decor too}

i love the red and each dress

if only i wore more compliment my polka dots

since i guess this show is about men, i guess i have to include them too.

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