Monday, November 14, 2011


while i prob should apologize for the not so great phone pic, i was excited to show off this dresser. it had been sitting in my parents well house for nearly 20 years, collecting many gross things. inspired by this post i used a gloss smoke gray rust-oleum, and it worked fabulously! i had to work on scraping off the varnish {which for the record, i don't think i'll do ever again! talk about back breaking!} but this paint covers a lot of wrongs. the hardware was covered in rust so i had planned on using new hardware only to discover many of the drawers had different lengths between the holes. since it is not budget friendly to special order hardware or drill all new holes...i just soaked the old hardware in vinegar for a couple of days. it worked awesome!

a little spray paint and it was complete! so happy with this outcome, as well as we finally have a clean home! i had still been keeping my things in boxes until today :/ that is almost 3 months! so now we are box free and no clothes on the floor, my patient hubby is so thankful :)


lovelovelove to hear from you! xoxoxo