Thursday, October 28, 2010

everyday life now in the 3rd trimester

-all i want is lucky charms and/or cheese. not together ever but i can not get enough of either food group

-if i start crying i can not pull it together to stop.

-if i sit too long my back starts to kill me. {which is what i do all day in therapy with my kids} the only remedy i have found is laying down on our wood floors stretching.

-i can not reach my toes

-hazel has hiccups every night. for at lest 15 min. i love every second of it.

-this sounds crazy but every time i get emotional, mad, sad, happy, or angry {which is daily} our puppy sophie does not leave my side.

-sleeping has been terrible. i can only sleep on my left side with out all of my limbs falling asleep. i surround myself with 6 different pillows and have hit clay every night for the last 2 weeks. i promise its not purposeful.

-i asked my dad to make me a shelf that works as a sofa table behind our couch. it is much easier to reach behind me to put a drink down than it is to reach forward to the coffee table. thanks daddy!

-i'm terrified to go into labor. i'm clearly weeks away from that but in the meantime i have become addicted to baby story/bringing baby home...i have convinced myself that if i see enough deliveries of all kinds whatever happens to me won't be that crazy.

-clay is super sweet and sensitive to me. i don't think i could handle being around me through all of my ups and downs.


  1. i love this post. and i share with you in all of these symptoms!! and the fear of going into labor!!

  2. What a great list--I chuckled over and identified with too many of them!

  3. Aren't dogs funny with their senses? I like to read the birth stories on Design Mom's blog. I feel ready for anything. Even more so than when I watched my Nephew being born.

  4. hahahha this is hysterical. i miss you so, mo!!


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